You'll Cry Your Eyes Out When You WATCH What A Puppy Mill Did To This Sweet Dog!!!

So you want to finally get a puppy for the family! The kids have been begging and the family could use a 4 legged friend to take places, play outside every day and teach the kids responsibility.

We see those commercials where the kids open a big cardboard box with holes in it under the Christmas tree and out pops a Golden Retriever! Or the loving fiance passes his wife-to-be their first companion puppy together and we as an audience tear up, because who doesn’t love puppies??!

So now you’ve made a choice to get a dog but where to go? The first instinct is to a pet store. You know the ones at the mall with all those ADORABLE faces waiting to be adopted?

What most people don’t know or think about is most of those puppies came from a puppy mill. These are horrible places of neglect and abuse! All they care about is turning a profit, not for the lives of the dogs.

These places crank out puppies like Twinkies and it can cause serious damage to these sweet creatures. You’ll cry your face off when you continue reading on the next page to WATCH what a puppy mill did to one special pup!!