You'll Be Shocked When You WATCH This Dog Make An AMAZING Rescue!!!

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes in life. To me the definition of a hero is someone who does something for another without thinking of themselves.

Firefighters and policemen, or doctors and paramedics would all count as heroes to me. They save lives daily sometimes at the expense of their own health or safety.

You see videos of heroic firefighters charging into flaming buildings because it’s their job yes, but also because they are amazing people. I wouldn’t limit the scope of a hero to just people either.

Search and rescue dogs save lives all the time! Or how about those sweet therapy dogs that help detect seizures or help children with disabilities? Seems pretty heroic to me!

So when one sweet dog leaps at the chance to save a life, it’s no surprise but it’s still AMAZING to see, especially when you see who’s in trouble. Continue to the next page to WATCH what happens!!