Worried Mama Dog Reunited With Her Tiny Puppies – Her Reaction Is REMARKABLE!

Get ready for a doozie folks! This is one of the most incredible and noteworthy stories we’ve seen in a long time. It’s one that you won’t soon forget because of the mark it leaves on your heart. A Shih Tzu was recently abandoned at a shelter in Los Angeles. She was clearly neglected as her fur was completely matted and she was completely infested with fleas. Not to mention? This poor thing was pregnant and in labor.

Once giving birth to her 4 puppies – the Shih Tzu named Asha Attie – was unable to feed her new puppies because of the matted dirty fur. The Bill Foundation was contacted immediately in hopes that they could come rescue her and her pups. Within hours, rescuers arrived and brought the new family to the vet. Asha had to be separated from her new pups to be taken care of – it was obvious that she didn’t want to leave their side.

Continue to the next page to see what happens to Asha and her new puppies – get ready for your heart to melt when you watch this video! It’s unforgettable!