Woman Saves Dog After Car Wreck. Dog Leads Her Back To The Woods Where She Makes A Surprising Discovery

surprising discovery

Sometimes people are at the right places at just the right time. That happens to be the case with a woman in Nashville who made a surprising discovery one day while out for a walk. What she finds is incredible.

Her name is Kathy Wilkes-Myers and she was taking a walk down a country road outside of Nashville. It wasn’t long before an emaciated Rottweiler approached her. Wilkes-Myers immediately felt something was wrong.

She found the situation odd. “She was somebody’s baby,” Wilkes-Myers told CBS. “You could tell.” Worried about the dog, Wilkes-Myers rescued her and brought her into her home.

The dog, however, kept acting strangely. It suddenly came to her that there had been a terrible car accident at that location two weeks earlier. She began to wonder if the dog was somehow connected.

Wilkes-Myers couldn’t have been more right and it’s when she goes back to the accident site? It’s a surprising discovery that will touch your heart. Continue to the next page to watch this amazing video.