Woman Hears Muffled Cries Outside Her Home, Shocked To Find Stray Dog Keeping Newborn Baby Warm

And even though Way’s puppies were her first priority, her compassion spanned across species when she took a newborn baby in as one of her own. It was a shocking discovery that a woman made when she first heard muffled cries outside of her window.

Alejandra Griffa lived in the area and heard tiny muffled cries coming from the parking lot of her building. It was the middle of winter so she was wondering why such a small voice would be crying outside.

Walking outside, Alejandra noticed the street dog keeping her little puppies warm, but when she got closer, she was shocked to see that next to the dog — was a newborn baby. The baby’s mother had abandoned him in the cold.

newborn baby

Way’s maternal instincts kicked in the moment she came across the hours old baby and was determined to do everything she could to keep him safe and warm. She held him tight against her warm furry body.

newborn baby

Alejandra rushed the baby to the hospital for immediate medical examination. She had no idea how long the poor thing had been outside. The doctors determined that the baby was a bit hungry, but otherwise, fine.

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