Woman Who Cruelly Duct-Taped Dog’s Mouth Shut And Posting It On Facebook Gets No Jail Time


Katherine Lemansky, or Katie Brown as she’s known on her Facebook page, proudly posted a picture boasting about duct-taping her dog’s mouth shut. If she was looking for praise — that was the last thing she was about to get.

Without thinking twice, Lemansky thought sharing this horrific picture (on the next page) would be funny. The problem with social media is, once it goes up — there’s no taking it down. Even if you think you did, it doesn’t mean that people didn’t see it or save it.

Apparently, Lemansky didn’t think about that.

Lemansky posted a picture of her beautiful dog, Brown, with its mouth and snout completely duct-taped shut. Along with it was the accompanying caption: “This is what happens when you don’t shut up!!!”

Of course, the image immediately went viral. Pet lovers and animal advocates everywhere wanted her to be charged with animal cruelty and abuse. It wasn’t long before a Wake County, North Carolina courtroom judge found her guilty.

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