Woman Was “Too Busy” To Feed Dog, Dropped Him Off At Shelter And Told Them He Was A Stray


Pets are a huge responsibility. They require a lot of care, attention, and time. If people are not willing to give up those things in order to properly take care of a dog — then they shouldn’t own one.

However, if there are circumstances where a person is unable to take care of a dog, then there is always the option to surrender them to a shelter for a small fee. It’s not the best option, but at least they’d be taken care of.

A woman named Alexandra Drew adopted a dog and is definitely one of those people that should have never owned one. She took home a Border Collie named Richter and quickly realized that she couldn’t take care of him.

Drew owned the dog for six months and she claims that during that time she was “too busy with work” to feed the dog. Due to her poor excuse, Richter went without food for months and was totally emaciated.

Her despicable actions don’t end here. Before the shelter staff knew the truth about Richter, she tried to pass him off as a stray. Absolutely unbelievable, right?

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