Why Are Therapy Dogs Like Smiley So Important?

If you have been anywhere near social media lately you cannot fail to have seen the heartwarming story of Smiley the golden retriever who was born without eyes, and rescued from a puppy mill, only to become a hero himself as a therapy dog.

The power of interacting with animals is something that should not be underestimated, it has proven health and welfare benefits. So why are dogs like Smiley so important?

Who is Smiley?

Just in case you have been living on a desert island recently, we’ll introduce you to Smiley, a super cute pooch who has been taking the Internet by storm thanks to stories of his work as a therapy dog. Born without eyes, Smiley was given the chance to live a good life when he was adopted by dog trainer Joanne George.

Joanne is now reaping the rewards of the love she showed for Smiley as the amazing canine improves the lives of so many in his role as a therapy dog. One of Smiley’s most recent exploits was a children’s event at Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library, for which he was featured on CBC News Toronto.

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