Watch Toby The Whippet Claim A New Dog Balloon Bursting Title In Record Time

“Toby and I have volunteered as entertainment for the community for all of our lives together,” said owner Christie Springs. “Popping balloons was just one of Toby’s many talents. He has always been amazing to me and others.”

Apparently the previous record holder, a Jack Russell Terrier named Twinkie, captivated the hearts of millions on YouTube. But Christie knew that her dog Toby could blow that record out of the water! And boy was she right.

The time to beat was 39.08 seconds…could he do it? Just see for yourself!

Well, Toby beat that time by no question at a whopping 36.53 seconds! The Whippet popped 100 balloons with his teeth and claws with no problem at all. Apparently he does this type of thing at home all the time.

“It escalated to the point where we were filling our outdoor swimming pool full of balloons to see how many the dogs could pop and entertain the neighbourhood,” Christie said to CBS News.

Awesome job Toby!! You’re amazing!!


Source: Guinness World Records

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