One Shelter In Brazil Is Winning The Internet’s Heart With How They Treat Their Dogs

Portugal's Gastao Elias receives a ball from a dog during the Brazil Open tennis tournament in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016. Four trained shelter dogs that once roamed the streets of Sao Paulo found themselves center stage at the ATP 250 Brazil Open tournament. The unusual initiative was made to promote the adoption of abandoned street animals. (AP Photo/Leandro Martins)

It’s becoming more and more popular to adopt a dog these days. For one reason or another people seem to be shying away from purchasing the pure bred, super expensive puppy right out of an ad. But awareness of adopting from a shelter or through an adoption agency is growing.

Everyone always goes right for the puppies but what about those sweet older dogs? How would you feel if someone chose a younger model over you time and time again? That would be a terrible feeling. But that’s exactly how so many shelter dogs feel. 

While people are more aware there’s still a long way to go. It’s time to get creative to show people the importance of the adoption agencies and shelters across the country.

You have to shake things up and get people’s attention! Everyone loves good entertainment no? I sure do! So what if you were at a normal sporting event and all of a sudden there were dogs present, in the middle of the game, on purpose!

If you think that would be shocking you’d be right! Continue reading to WATCH how these dogs found themselves as part of the team.