You Have To WATCH How One L.A. Cafe Is Changing Things For Rescue Dogs!!

If you’re like me you want your dog to go with you absolutely everywhere and do everything with you. Chances are your pup feels the same and insist they are you constant side-kick.

This is especially true for rescue dogs or dogs who came from abusive homes or shelters. Once they’ve been rescued they tend to cling on to us a little harder than other dogs who didn’t have the same hard life.

When I went to rescue my littlest dog it was so hard to see the other dogs in the shelter waiting to be adopted. Their sad eyes would look at me and it was all I could do not to take them all home.

Can you imagine being in a cage day after day watching dogs around you get chosen and taken to their forever home? How heartbroken these poor pups must be, everyone needs contact and to be loved!

Well one clever cafe owner in Los Angeles felt the same and she created a place to help change all that. Continue reading on the next page but be warned you might need tissues when you WATCH what she did!!