Officer Reunited With K-9 Partner, This Reunion Will Make You Cry!

The saddest part of my day is leaving my dogs! They stand at the window and watch me as I pull out of the driveway and want to cry looking at their little faces.

I always loved the idea of service dogs. They are always by your side and your partner against the world! This could be police, fire, military, therapy, really anytime you get to take your dog everywhere.

But when the dogs are employees, like K-9 units for the police force, their lives along with the officers are in jeopardy too! How scared would you be if someone was shooting at your dog???!

But when a military or police dog is injured they are treated like any other officer. They are VIP and get the best medical assistance possible. After all, they get hurt protecting the laws of our society!

When this happens the dog’s human partner, like we would be, must be devastated!

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