Want a Dog? Can’t Have One? Why not Borrow a Dog for the Day?

No matter how small they are, dogs require your attention. The decision to become a dog owner is a serious commitment. It’s not like owning a goldfish that require a daily feeding and a once-a-week aquarium cleaning.

For those who yearn to own a dog but have a crazy work schedule which involves travel. For people who live in cramped apartments little bigger than a broom closet. For those with a family member who has serious allergies.

You can have a dog that doesn’t require space. You can get a dog that doesn’t set off your partner’s allergies.

Now there are interesting and creative ways to spend time with a dog and not have all the ongoing cost and responsibility of dog ownership.

Continue to the next page for some ideas on how to have a pet companion for the day! Such cool concepts! Why didn’t I think of that?