Vets Warn Dog Owners Of The Dangers Of Marrow Bones

The photos below might be difficult for some dog owners to see. This is fully intended to spread awareness about this dangerous issues with marrow bones.

At first glance — the picture below might seem a little funny. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The pup is actually in quite a bit of misery after their teeth and jaw got stuck on a marrow bone.

marrow bones

Sadly — this isn’t an isolated case. More people are calling for help after this same predicament with marrow bones. A woman in Canada recently experienced the same ordeal with her dog Ginger. She had to take her to the firehouse for help.

marrow bones

marrow bones

Please make sure you share this with everyone you know. And please make sure you’re choosing bones wisely. Be sure to avoid marrow bones at all costs!



Source: Goodfullness

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