Vets Warn Dog Owners Of The Dangers Of Marrow Bones

marrow bones

As a dog owner, we love rewarding our fur babies with treats and bones to chew on. Unfortunately — this practice could end up with horrific consequences, especially when it comes to marrow bones.

Thankfully — the Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic has provided us with information about this danger. After all — knowledge is always the best power and we always want to keep our dogs healthy and safe.

The problem with marrow bones is that the hole in the middle is a perfect place for a dog’s little lower jaw to slip through. Then — as their fangs hold it into place, the bone becomes soft and then the result is that they cannot remove it from their mouths and jaw.

Since the fangs are holding the bone onto their jaw, it can make removal extremely difficult. Often time the bone will need to be cut off but this can cause your dog’s teeth to crack or split.

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