Veterinarian X-Rays Large Mass In Dog’s Abdomen — What They Pull Out Of Her Stomach Shocks Everyone

Two sisters, Sidney and Sara, have an adorable Labrador named Tiki. Tiki is the absolute light of their life. What they didn’t know — was that something was ‘growing’ in the sweet dog’s stomach. It could potentially kill her.

One day, the two sisters noticed that their energetic, loving Labrador was acting a strangely. Tiki wasn’t her usual vibrant, happy-go-lucky self. In fact — the beautiful dog suddenly turned quite ill.

The sisters noticed that most of Tiki’s pain was coming from her stomach and abdomen areas. They tried a few things to make it better, but it seemed like nothing was working. Tiki was actually getting worse.

Without much thought, Sidney and Sara knew they had to get their beloved dog to the veterinarian right away. They were just praying that she would be okay and that whatever was ailing her wasn’t too serious.

When they arrived at the clinic, a veterinarian technician named Emily Cottle decided to take an x-ray of the 8-year-old black Lab’s stomach. As she looked closer at the x-ray images, she noticed a giant mass.

What no one expected was what this mass actually was. Suddenly, a household ‘mystery’ seemed to have been solved. Continue to the next page to see what happened to Tiki!