“Ugly” Dog Taken To Vet To Be Euthanized, When Vet Heard The Reason — They Couldn’t Believe Their Ears

nik nak

We’re sure you’re familiar with the song “This Old Man,” the one with the lyrics, “Nik Nak paddywhack give a dog a bone.” Well, you’re about to meet a dog named Nik Nak that certainly deserves all the bones he can get.

Before Nik Nak was rescued, the poor boy had a very rough start to life. He had lived with owners that were not worthy of his love and affection. In fact, they were people that should have never owned a dog in the first place.

Nik Nak’s previous owners took him to the veterinarian. They didn’t take him there because he was sick, or needed a check-up. They brought him there in hopes that they would euthanize him. Why? Because he was “too ugly.”

The horrible people also said that he was too difficult to deal with and it would be better to just put him down. But the reality was, Nik Nak was covered in terrible sores on his face due to the owner’s neglect.

The vet told the owner to leave and they kept the dog, calling a rescue group to come and place him in a safe foster home. But first, Nik Nak desperately needed a bath and some medical attention.

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