Two Boxers Were Dropped Off At A Shelter — Staff Was Absolutely Shocked By What They Saw


A shelter in California got the surprise of the century when they found two Boxers that had been dropped off at the “night drop.” When a staff member approached the two dogs, they were completely stunned.

As the staff member got a closer look at the Boxers, they were heartbroken. Both of the dogs were suffering from Demodex mange; the skin over their entire bodies was infested with mites.

One of them had such a horrible case of this type of mange that it turned their skin completely pink. She was only 10-months old, her name was Asia, and the mange caused all of her fur to fall out and was putting her in a great deal of pain.

Even though she was in such horrible condition, the shelter was glad that she was in goods hand now. They endearingly called her a “pink Dalmatian” due to her pink skin that also had dark spots.

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