Trader Joe’s Employees Drop Everything To Help Lost Dog Wandering Around Store

The employees at a Trader Joe’s in Oregon deserve a giant round of applause. As they were closing up the store one evening, they noticed something moving underneath their lined up shopping carts — it was a tiny dog!

The poor thing was so small and so terrified. The Trader Joe’s employees assumed that the little pup must live nearby, got lost, and found its way to this hiding spot at their grocery store.

It turns out that the dog’s name was Zoe — she was very scared and extremely anxious.

The terrified girl didn’t want to move or come out from underneath the carts. No matter what they tried to do — she wouldn’t budge.

It wasn’t long before all 6 employees at this Oregon Trader Joe’s location dropped everything they were doing to help coax the little girl out from her hiding spot. Even though they were in the middle of closing up the store, they knew they had to figure out who this sweet, lost pup belonged to.

It quickly became their entire mission to help the terrified little dog.

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