Top 12 Things Dog Owners Do That No One Understands!

We are a unique breed.   Yes, we dog owners are in a classification of our own.  We do things no one except other dog owners could ever do.  We love our pets and sometimes, well A LOT of the time, it seems like we act a little (all right, A LOT) crazy.

But we are crazy!  We are crazy about our pets!  We would do most anything for them to ensure that they have a wonderful life, full of joy and just plain spoiled rotten!

When we put together this list, we found out we were not the only people who came up with these things we do for and with our pets!  There were lots of articles about people treating their dogs as if they weren’t furry four-legged creatures who actually don’t speak a recognizable language.  Although, dogs do speak and I can honestly say we do recognize their language.

Scroll through this list and try and tell me you do not do these 12 things we have identified as common behavior by dog owners.  You’d be lying if you admitted that you never did these!  Have fun and get a good laugh at yourself.  I wonder if the dogs might be laughing at us?

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