Thinking About A 2nd Dog? Here’s How You’ll Know If You’re Ready

Do you have a ton of love for your dog? Is he getting older? Is your home big enough? Do you have enough time? Do you have children already? How will they participate in the training and care?  What about cost?  It is another mouth to feed.  Do you want a puppy?  How about an older dog!

There are so many things to consider before you decide to get yet another dog.  Some people like to “overlap” their pets.  In other words, get a younger dog while their current dog is still young enough to have fun and participate in the training of the puppy.

Yup!  A loyal and obedient older dog will not tolerate a pup who breaks the rules and can be a great trainer/teacher for your new family member.  This option also gives the knowledge that even when the older dog passes, you won’t have a “dogless” home.

If you get an older dog, training may not be an issue, but will the 2 dogs get along?

The ASPCA has outlined the following 5 tips that will help you make sure the timing is right for your family to get another dog.  And be sure to adopt!

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