Tiny Dog Spent 12 Years In A Cage — The Moment She Realizes She’s Rescued Will Make You Cry

12 years

Puppy mills are horrid, disgusting facilities where dogs are bred for puppies which are then sold. The breeding methods are often inhumane and frequent. It’s a horrible practice that needs to stop.

A beautiful little dog named Bella spent 12 years of her life in a facility just like the one mentioned. It’s a life that no little dog should ever live. She was finally discovered by rescue volunteers from Bianca Associado, in Portugal.

The rescuers were absolutely shocked at her condition and the environment that she had been living in for so long. The elderly dog had spent her entire life in the cage, never knowing anything else at all.

The poor girl spent 12 years birthing litter after litter. The sweet dog had never once seen the sunlight and had never known what it’s like to run outside and play. In fact, her muscles had begun to deteriorate. She could hardly walk.

Bella was in terrible shape and was suffering from a multitude of issues including glaucoma, ingrown nails, and parasites. The rescue group needed to take immediate action to get her medical attention.

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