Tiny Dog LOVES Playing With His BFF – Wait Until You See Who It Is!

Dear World – we introduce to Ruggles. Ruggles is an adorable tiny Shih Tzu who loves to cuddle and play with his friends. But his story is not all fun and games.

Ruggles had a hard life prior to these happy days. This little furball was born and raised in a horrific puppy mill with even more horrific conditions than you could possibly imagine.

The conditions were so bad that police were finally called and Ruggles was finally free of this hell on Earth. But little Ruggles had a lot of healing and recovering to do. He was rescued just in time.

When Ruggles was brought to safety – it took some time for this tiny little man to regain his strength, health, and confidence. But like all rescue dogs – he couldn’t help but eventually show off his extreme gratitude.

The video on the next page shows just how happy Ruggles is now – in fact? He has a favorite best friend! And it’s not a human or another dog! You’ll definitely want to see this cuteness in action!