Thousands of Dogs Rescued On The Wings of These Angels – See All The Photos!

There are lots of animal rescue organizations, but not like this one. These “angels” truly have wings, and they’re putting them to good use by helping to find forever homes for thousands of homeless dogs who were otherwise at risk of euthanasia.

The distribution of homeless dogs in western states is out of balance. In California and other parts of the heavily populated Southwest, animal shelters are overwhelmed and overcrowded. While in the Northwest, there’s lots of available space and plenty of people looking to adopt.

With some taking in as many as 200 dogs per day, the southwestern shelters have had little choice but to euthanize the animals — until a recently formed pilots’ group called Wings of Rescue came into being. WoR’s mission is to fly unwanted animals from overcrowded, high-kill shelters to areas where there is a high demand for adoptable pets – generally in Oregon, Washington, Montana and even British Columbia.

So far, the organization has rescued over 12,000 dogs with a goal of rescuing 7,000 more by the end of 2015. At one recent event, the pilots flew into Bellingham, Washington with 100 small dogs – where they were met at the airport by a host of families and shelter representatives from Vancouver, BC. shelter-dog-airplane-transport-wings-of-rescue-yehuda-netanel-15

Wings of Rescue partners with a number of different shelter organizations who assist with immunizations, travel paperwork, etc. They stand on the receiving end to make sure all goes well when the dogs land.

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