Dog Walks 4 Miles Every Night to Retrieve a Plastic Bag – All For One Selfless Reason

Lilica began walking a total of four miles, every night, along a busy highway to pick up a bag from Lucia Helena de Souza, a teacher and animal lover who’s been feeding strays for years.

She gives Lilica a large plastic bag filled with food. Lilica eats from it, but just a small amount. The rest remains in the bag while Lucia secures it for Lilica to bring with her.

From the first time Lilica came to her, Lucia realized that the dog had plans for the food beyond eating it herself. One day she followed Lilica to see where she was taking the bag.

When she saw Lilica drop it in front of all the other animals, she knew she had found a special dog. To this day, Lilica and all the other dogs continue to enjoy takeout food from Lucia’s kitchen.

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Lilica is such an amazing, caring, and selfless dog. We hope her puppies are in safe and loving homes. Maybe someday, all the dogs in this junkyard can be rescued.

Thank you Lucia for taking care of her and all the other animals that you and she is feeding!

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