Dog Walks 4 Miles Every Night to Retrieve a Plastic Bag – All For One Selfless Reason


This tender, heartwarming story is about a dog on a self-appointed mission to help others. Her incredible story about how she connected with a generous Samaritan to help her out is going to make your day.

As a dog lover, you already know that dogs have amazing traits like selflessness and loyalty, but this dog’s story will still blow you away! She is truly an angel on earth that’s covered in fur.

In Sao Carlos, a city in Brazil, there’s a junkyard that plays host to a whole menagerie of stray animals. In this poverty-ridden neighborhood, the animals struggle for survival.

A dog named Lilica grew up in the junkyard after being abandoned there as a pup, and eventually had her own litter of puppies there amongst the rubble of the junkyard. It was just part of a normal life for her.

As the puppies were weaned from breastfeeding, she had to go scavaging around the area to find food in order to feed her puppies. She was going to do anything to keep her puppies alive and healthy.

The video on the next page shows how this resourceful dog first found a way to feed her pups — and eventually, all her friends too. She’s so amazing.

To watch the video and read the rest of the story, continue to the next page. You’re going to be blown away at her compassion and kindness.