This Dog Prays With His Owner – And What's In His Prayers Is Priceless!

If all dogs go to heaven, this one worked especially hard to get there. Watch this hilarious video of a dog who prays each morning – and what he prays for!

There are plenty of devout people out there who make prayer a part of their everyday routine, but you can’t say that about many dogs – except this one. This Blue Heeler obviously knows his prayer position quite well, and he pays close attention while his owner recites the daily devotions on his behalf.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or just be blown away by this praying dog! And clearly, his master knows him well and knows which doggy behaviors need encouraging, and which ones God would disfavor.

Listen to his master as he recites the prayers on behalf of his dog, it’s priceless! It makes you wonder if the dog takes this advice to heart.

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