These Dogs DO Go to Heaven (on Earth)!

Near Kanab, Utah at a place called Angels Canyon, nearly 2,000 animals rescued from homelessness have found sanctuary in the truest sense of that word.The canyon exudes a kind of peace and tranquility, with green pastures surrounded by dramatic red rock walls. Picture a very breathtaking scenic view.

It’s been a sacred place to humans for millennia, and now it’s where all kinds of abused and abandoned domestic animals can feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven.

One dog, Aries, had been given up as nearly hopeless. He had just a single way of relating to humans: jumping on them and biting them.

The trainers worked out a rigorous program of agility and problem-solving exercises, with the surprising revelation that Aries was an extremely intelligent dog, and he also learned proper “people skills” in the process.

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