The Simpsons’ Blockbuster Millions Are Going to Dogs That Help Disabled Vets

Bart with Santa's Little Helper Image credit: Matthew Pury

A celebrity-sponsored foundation dedicated to rescuing and training dogs has just received an estate worth an estimated $100 million, with an additional $20 million of annual income.

Sam Simon, an original co-creator of the beloved long-running show The Simpsons, passed away from colon cancer on March 9, 2015. A longtime animal lover and animal rights supporter, he established his Sam Simon Foundation in 2002 to rescue pets and train them as hearing dogs and to assist disabled vets in various ways.

It also rescues, rehabilitates and places dogs for adoption as well as supporting other groups whose mission is to save animals. jeffrey-adams-and-cci-service-dog-sharif

After his diagnosis with cancer and during the last years of his life, he began giving away his fortune – all from royalty rights to the Simpsons – to his foundation. Its mission is “Saving the Lives of Dogs to Enrich the Lives of People.”

Dogs are placed with disabled vets after receiving specialized training to assist them with daily activities. They can fetch and retrieve, supply their own senses when their master’s are missing, do guard duty, and more. Dogs that aren’t trainable for these special missions are adopted out to loving homes as family dogs, in certified good health.

With a nice deposit of $100 million in the bank and $20 million in continuing royalties, the foundation will be saving a lot of dogs’ lives!


Image credit: Bart Simpson with Santa’s Little Helper Courtesy of Matthew Pury