The Akita


With his thick coat the regal Akita or Akita anu can be found in many colors from light tan to black and white. This big, bold dog has a distinctly powerful appearance. His large head is topped by small, triangular eyes. The Akita’s short furry tail curls over its back.

The Akita is a handsome dog. He is calm, proud, smart, and easy to housebreak. The Akita is ideal for urban areas as he seldom barks.

Those who are thinking about acquiring an Akita as a pet need to be confident, firm and consistent as the Akita has a mind of his own and will test boundaries.

If you are firm and consistent, the Akita will respond. He responds well to praise.

Because they are so strong-willed, Akitas are not good choices for first-time dog owners or people who are too accommodating. Akitas take advantage of indecisive owners.

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