The 10 Best Breeds for Guard Dogs

If you are looking for a good canine protector and wondering which are the best breeds for guard dogs, here is a quick rundown of the results of our research on which breeds are best to protect your family and property.

We checked a number of different sites to curate this list for you, so read on- some may surprise you, like this first one.

  1. Komondor Komondor

Komondors have a natural guardian instinct, since they were bred to guard sheep and other livestock. This highly athletic dog is fast and powerful. Its instinct is to leap at any intruder to drive it off or knock it down. They are active, courageous and known for both dignity and strength. With obedience training and socialization, this breed makes a devoted family pet.

  1. Akita American_Akita_-_Mad-max

A member of the Spitz family, Akitas are large, strong, fearless, independent-minded dogs that also tend to dominate.

They are accepting of non-threatening strangers, but also have a strong protective instinct when in a threatening situation. Akitas are known for being good with children.

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