10 Things to Know About Fostering Rescue Dogs

7) Learn everything you can about him.  What is he like around other dogs, kids, men, bikes, streets, or cars?  This is imperative in placing him in a good home.  Find out how he came to be in a foster situation if you can.  Was he a runaway, dumped, family, moved or died?  How old is he?  Take him to dog parks and walk him on a leash around kids and cars.  Take him to the vet to determine how he behaves.  Give him a bath!

8) Take him on trips in the car.  Watch for signs of nervousness or queasy tummy.  He won’t be happy with a family that travels a lot.

9) Reward him with so much love.  Teach him that love is the best treat.  Small moments such as that first wag of the tail, coming when called (you’ll probably be giving him a new name), sitting, not jumping – I only pat puppies when they are sitting so they are not rewarded when crawling up your leg!  Hugs and belly rubs for no reason except for sheer joy.

10)  It is ok to feel sad and even cry when your foster leaves for a forever home.  Congratulations!  You did a good job!  On to the next one.


The author with Mutt and Jeff

The author with Mutt and Jeff


Sometimes you will have a foster for a few days.  Sometimes it will be for much longer.  Whatever it takes.  I have learned a lot from my fosters.  The main quality it takes is patience.

If you think you have the heart and time to do this, you will be sincerely rewarded yourself many times over!

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