How to Teach Your Dog Not to Jump Up

Sometimes having your dog jump up and say hello is just as nice as receiving a great big hug from a friend however, in some cases this can be an annoying and sometimes dangerous habit that can get out of hand if not dealt with from the outset.

Even with small dogs, jumping up can be an issue and from muddy paw prints to knocking over a hot cup of tea, learning how to train your dog not to jump up is definitely a vital step on the road to having a healthy and happy dog and owner relationship.

Below are a number of basic tips for keeping your dog’s feet on the ground and with a little bit of patience and lots of positive practice you’ll be able to keep yourself, and your clothes, free from scratches and sloppy kisses.

Ignore that two footed greeting

The best way to enable your pet to understand that jumping up is not the correct way to greet a human is to not reciprocate their actions. Your dog’s main aim is to get your attention so only allow them to have your attention once they have their front feet on the ground.

At the instant your dog’s front feet touch the ground make a big fuss of them as you would do normally.

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