Sweet Lab Mix Found In Tennessee Desperately Needs A Home!

lab mix

Every single dog on this entire planet deserves to have a home that is filled with love and kindness. No dog should ever be left to just wander the streets their entire lives…or even worse. This lab mix needs one of those homes.

Abuse, neglect and overbreeding are the causes of so many sweet dogs never knowing what it means to have someone who loves them. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Us here at Our Passion For Dogs hate hearing stories of stray dogs, abused dogs or neglected dogs. We are just so sad when we come across stories like this.

But there is a way that you can help. A stray dog wandered into a woman’s yard in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The woman says the sweet lab mix seems to be very young, active and is very very sweet around not only humans – but other animals too!

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