Sweet Dog Abandoned 11 Times, Dreams Of Finding A Loving And Forever Home


A Boxer mix first showed up at the municipal shelter in Long Island, New York back in 2014. Her name is Sheana and this moment would prove to be the beginning of a long, heart-breaking cycle for this sweet, loving dog.

At first, the shelter staff assumed that Sheana was a stray. But then, they noticed the abrasions on her snout. She seemed to be nervous, especially around men; they started to suspect that her past was much more complicated than just wandering the streets.

The person who abandoned her at the shelter ended up admitting that the home was, indeed, a physically abusive home. The sweet Boxer mix suffered at the hands of the abuse as well. They knew it would take some time for her to adjust.

Sheana, just 2-years-old, was trying her best to adjust to her new life in a cage at Hempstead Town Animal Shelter. It wasn’t long until she was taken in by a rescue organization and then — she was adopted!

Sadly, it didn’t last. For three years, she was returned to the shelter again and again. When the shelter staff at Homestead saw Sheana for the eleventh time, their hearts shattered into pieces.

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