Students Surprise High School Teacher With New Puppy After Heartbroken By Loss Of His Dog


Rogers explained to Yahoo News that his students would ask him if Chip had come home yet. Each time they asked, it broke his heart because he hadn’t. He had no idea that his students would go this far.

“They would ask if we had found Chip and I’d say, ‘No we haven’t yet. Thank you for asking,’ and we’d start our teaching day,” Rogers told ABC News. “They did everything from offer to search for him to offer up prayers. They’d want a quick update and we’d get into our instruction.”

Rogers explained that he and his wife were planning on adopting a dog next summer when they’d be certain Chip, who was blind, was never coming home. But those plans changed.

As Rogers walked into the classroom, he saw his wife was there, she was crying. The entire classroom was full of students and they presented the teacher with the precious puppy.

“When he first walked in the room he was just shocked from the students,” recalled student Miranda Ezell. “Then he saw her, and you could tell he teared up and his face turned red. You could see the excitement in his eyes.”

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