Students Surprise High School Teacher With New Puppy After Heartbroken By Loss Of His Dog

An Alabama high school teacher has a new puppy to cuddle with this holiday season, all thanks to his caring and compassionate students. Troy Rogers teaches history at Clements High School and never expected this furry surprise when he came to school that day.

Last month, Rogers walked into his classroom, only to be greeted by an adorable, fluffy 8-week-old Golden Retriever puppy. Floppy ears, golden fuzzy fur, and wet black nose that were completely irresistible.


Ninety students that comprised the senior class raised $700 in donations from themselves, their families, and other members of the faculty. They started the fundraiser after they learned that their teacher’s Goldie named Chip had disappeared from his home.


“Coach Rogers doesn’t have children so his dog was like his child,” said Haleigh Moss, one of the students who organized the donations. “He treats us like we’re his own children and he does so much for us. We just wanted to do something great for him in return.”

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