Stray Dog Crashes Couple’s Wedding — Their Reaction Is Absolutely Priceless


We’re sure you’ve heard of the term ‘wedding crasher;’ someone who shows up to a wedding completely unannounced and uninvited. Sometimes that person might be a complete stranger, other times it’s a family member. But this time? It was an adorable dog.

A gorgeous wedding was taking place in Brazil when an adorable and very furry guest decided to make an appearance. No one knew where this dog came from or who it belonged to. And no one certainly knew what was going to happen next.

Marília and Matheus Pieroni were celebrating their nuptials in Sao Paulo, Brazil; the ceremony was just beginning and the crowd was waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. Instead? They got a stray dog!

The dog was trying to take shelter from the storm going on outside; instead of the bride walking down the aisle to ‘Here Comes The Bride,’ the dog hilariously and adorably took her place. People rushed to remove the dog from the event.

The church was able to get the dog safely back outside and the ceremony resumed — for a moment anyway. As soon as the new couple was starting to say their vows, the dog came back for a second time.


This time, the dog decided that it was tired and it got comfortable on Marília’s veil! You’d think she would have been frantic to get the dog out of the room, but instead? Her reaction was absolutely wonderful.

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