Stranger than Fiction: Fascinating Canines

The world is full of strange creatures like the duck billed platypus and the Loch Ness Monster. Who would have predicted that man’s best friend would include some of the rarest breeds in the universe? Have a look at these rare dog breeds!

Some are extinct like the orange and liver-spotted Braque du Puy. This ancint French hunting dog was a legend for speed and flexibility.

It is rumored that the Braque du Puy is a result of cross breeding the Braque and the Greyhound. You’ll have to see the picture on the next page – very interesting looking.

Other rare breeds are very much alive today! One example is the Swedish Vallhund. This energetic dog excels at tracking, herding…and catching fly balls. He is as versatile in appearance as he is in abilities.

Swedish Vallhunds come in a variety of colors. The Vallhund’s tail may be anywhere from long and curled to no tail at all.

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