Starving Dog Rescued In The Mountains, Her Owner Thought She Died Two Years Before

Edna’s previous owner told Hope for Paws that she had given her away years ago because she could no longer care for her.  It wasn’t long before the new owners had told her that Edna had passed away.

She was absolutely devastated to hear that her dog had died, but she at least knew she was happy, frolicking over the rainbow bridge. Or so she thought. But then she received a phone call from the rescue group telling her Edna was very much alive.

Unfortunately, Edna’s previous owner still couldn’t take her back so it was time to find Edna a new home. It didn’t take long until a family absolutely fell in love with her and she was nursed back to health.

She loves her new family and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Source: The Dodo