Starving Dog Rescued In The Mountains, Her Owner Thought She Died Two Years Before

After becoming fearful of the rescuers, they brought out more food to coax her and gain her trust. Thankfully, it worked. The sweet, scared, starving dog was eager to have more food in her belly.

While one rescuer continued to feed Edna, another one went behind her with a leash. They knew it was going to be a difficult task to get the leash around her neck because she was so skittish.


Finally, after a brief moment of panic, the leash was around her neck and they were able to offer her more food to calm her down. She was so hungry that food was the only thing that would make her forget about her fear.

As Hope for Paws loaded Edna into the car, she became more and more comfortable with them. She could tell that they were there to help. It was now time to get her to the shelter for an exam and to see if she was microchipped.


As it turns out — she was. Continue to the next page to see what happened when they tracked down Edna’s owners.