Starving Dog Rescued In The Mountains, Her Owner Thought She Died Two Years Before


Edna was all by herself and living in the mountains. She was starving and struggling to survive. She had been all alone for over two long years. Edna was spotted by residents in the area, but she was going to be tough to catch.

Residents in a gated community nearby saw Edna and called animal control. Sadly, the animal control officer was unable to catch the scared and skittish dog. They tried several times but were unable to capture her.

Animal control wasn’t having any luck catching the starving dog, so the residents decided to call Hope for Paws. If there was any rescue organization that could help this sweet girl, it was them.

When rescuers arrived, the found Edna curled up and scared in someone’s doorway of the gated community. They knew she was terrified of people, but they also knew that she was hungry, so they brought along some food.

When they offered the dog food to Edna, she gladly accepted, despite her fear. Her hunger was far more powerful than her fear of people at that moment of time. But as soon as they tried petting her, she began to back away.

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