Spike In Dog Flu Cases Has Many Pet Owners Worried – Here’s What You Need To Know

Just like us humans, dogs can get the flu, and when they do, it can be quite dangerous. As dog lovers and pet owners, it’s up to us to keep our fur babies safe. Here’s what you need to know about the dog flu and how to prevent it.

Veterinarians have announced the release of a new dog flu vaccine and are encouraging pet owners to consider vaccinating their pups. This is because a recent strain of canine influenza has rapidly spread throughout the country.

“It was unreal. It was the worst nightmare that could ever happen,” dog show hobbyist Jodie Strait told Fox News. “I went to a dog show to show my dogs and I almost killed them.”

Canine influenza is far more serious in dogs than the flu is in humans. It’s a very contagious illness that can lead to infection and even death. This season’s case of dog flu has spread to 46 states so far.

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