So You’re Getting A New Puppy! Top 10 Things to Know And Do

new puppy

Congratulations!  You are bringing a new member of your family home soon.  Be prepared for years of love and companionship from your new puppy, but like any member of your family, your dog is dependent on you for food, shelter, care, and love.

And like any member of your family, there will be challenges, so most of all, pack your patience and compassion.  The first few days are critical to your dog’s adjustment to their new home.  They may be nervous and confused and not understand where they are, so be sure set up a clear structure that the puppy can understand.

We have put together a list of 10 things to keep in mind and on hand for making your new puppy know they are loved and cared for and make your home and you relaxed and prepared.

#1) Go to the pet store and pick up some essentials.  Collar and leash, water bowls -1 for inside and 1 for outside.  Food, check with his previous home (foster, shelter or breeder) to find out what kind of food they ate before and try and get that brand so as not to upset his tummy.   Of course, plenty of toys and chew toys.

#2) Get an ID for your pet.  Get a tag with your pet’s name, address and phone number and then take your dog to get them microchipped as soon as you can.  Most pet stores can create a tag right there very quickly.

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