Silly Dog Toys Just For Pure Fun

In this part of our series on dog toys, we talk about the ones that are just plain fun, or silly, or make you both laugh (yes – dogs like to laugh too!) We’ve also got sections here on exercise toys, and interactive toys for dogs.

Sure it’s great to stimulate your dog’s brain with a puzzle or interactive toy that makes him work to get his treats, and to exercise his body with some vigorous ball or Frisbee play. Sometimes though, you both just want to have some pure, silly fun.

A Little Dog Silliness Never Hurt Anyone

If your dog loves attention, here’s a fun way for him to draw lots of laughs and interactions with family and friends. The Humunga line of toys from Moody Pets includes giant rubber tongues, mustaches and bright reHumungaStached lips anchored at one side by a ball that dogs naturally like to put in their mouths, with some amusing visual results!

Squeaky toys, of course, come in so many shapes and sizes we couldn’t describe them all here. But one company, Muttropolis, has an especially whimsical line of plush toys in the shapes of bottles of champagne, vodka, beer, a whiskey flask, and perfume.

After a while, squeaking toys can be annoying. When that happens, try the Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Blow Fish toy with a silent squeaker that only your dog can hear. Pufferfish ultrasonic





You don’t always have to get that fancy. See next page for hilarious videos of dogs playing with toys.