Sick Little Girl Gets GIANT Helping Hand – You'll Cry Your Eyes Out When You WATCH Them Together!!

As we all know dogs make great family pets. I grew up with a black lab and we used to dress her up and run her ragged. She was our best friend and we loved her like a sibling.

Dogs make the best companions and even if you don’t have anyone else in the world they will be there for you. My grandmother got a little fluffy rescue when my grandfather passed away and it made every day brighter.

That’s the thing about dogs even just their company acts like therapy. Therapy dogs are being used more and more to help people will all kinds of illnesses, mental and physical alike.

Dogs are amazingly intuitive animals, especially those who help out people with medical disorders. You’ve heard the story about the boy who had a German Shepherd therapy dog for his seizures. The dog could tell BEFORE they happened!!

One little girl had very limited options as an illness had left her unable to walk. Continue to the next page to WATCH a miracle when she got  a VERY big helping hand!!