Sick Dog Was Abused For Over Six Years — Woman Refuses To Give Up On Her

sick dog

Shira Astrof is a volunteer for Care Rescue LA; the second that dog from an abusive home ended up at the shelter, she decided to rename her. She figured it was the least that she could do to get the sick dog on a path to a new, better life.

“We’re not using her old name anymore from when she was abused,” Astrof told a fellow website. “We wanted to give her a new name for a new start.” They decided to name her Ruby.

It was this past July that Ruby showed up at the California shelter; she was confiscated from her owner. When Ruby arrived, she was sick, emaciated, and traumatized. Her previous owner will soon be on trial for Ruby’s abuse.

“I was told that she was adopted from the West Valley pound six years ago when she was 10 months old, and she was this beautiful, healthy German shepherd mix,” Astrof said. “And then she was returned by the police six years later as this emaciated, 40-pound dog that couldn’t use her hind legs.”

Even though Astrof doesn’t know all of the horrific details of Ruby’s past, she does know that is was a life that no dog should ever suffer through.

“They said that she was confined to a crate for six years and that’s why her back legs completely atrophied,” Astrof said. “It also seems like she was beaten.”

Although Ruby started to get a little better at the shelter, it was going to be a long road. Continue to the next page for more on this sweet girl.