Shelter Dog Who Can Barely Lift Her Head Asks Man Passing By To Pet Her

This is one of those stories that really hit us to the core over here at Our Passion for Dogs. One shelter dog in Los Angeles has been pulling on the heartstrings of many people — Why? You’ll see why. A photographer named John Hwang is an animal lover. He often spends his time visiting shelters in L.A. to spend time with the animals before they go into foster homes. One day — he almost passed by an adorable senior dog. That is…until she made him notice her.

Hwang was strolling along the aisles of Baldwin Park Animal Shelter and walked by a 10-year old shelter dog who was hunched over in a corner. She wasn’t moving at all. As he walked by — he felt like she was incredibly defeated.

Hwang obviously felt sad for the girl but he figured the dog would have absolutely no interest in coming over to him to be pet. “My initial thought was this dog was timid or depressed and probably wouldn’t interact with me,” Hwang told a fellow website. “I was surprised when she came right up to me when she saw me.”

You’ve got to see what happens next and the incredible pictures that came after. Continue to the next page!