Severely Abused Dog Rescued But What Her New Family Found Will Make You Cry!


Witnesses saw a man throw a beautiful Australian Shepherd – Lab mix out of a van, but he sped away so fast that they were unable to get his license plate number.  This horrific act was actually the final act that released this dog from a life of torture.

The witnesses brought the dog home, fed her and tried to treat her injuries, but the poor dog was in rough shape.  So they decided to contact the local police and animal control.

The pup was taken to the local shelter where they treated her injuries from being abused, bathed and fed her.  Although skittish, the pup seemed to be calming down despite having difficulty sleeping.  She seemed to be having nightmares.  One can only imagine what this poor little dog had been through.

Then the right family came in and fell in love with the little girl pup they named Darcee. They came up with her name because she has 2 different colored eyes – Darcee – short for “Dare To See”.   As a result of her unique eyes, Darcee is partially blind in one eye and subsequently startles when approached on that side.

When the family tried to take Darcee home, she refused to get in their van.  The shelter knew her story and did their best to get her in the car.  Finally, Darcee’s new mom rubbed her paw until she earned Darcee’s trust and stopped shaking uncontrollably.

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