Senior Dog Has Been Missing For A Week, Now She’s Finally About To Be Reunited With Her Owner


The moment any dog owner thinks that their beloved pup has gone missing or is gone forever – it’s a pain we’ll never ever forget. It’s a feeling that is so devastating that it stays in our hearts for as long as we can remember.

A woman named Stephanie, who lives in New York, knows this feeling all too well. Her dog, named Trinity, ran away one week before Thanksgiving and she hadn’t seen her since. Trinity was a 10-year old Yorkie who had survived cancer.

Stephanie sent out video flyers asking for her dog’s return. She waited and waited but a few days went by and she hadn’t gotten a response. Then one day – the miracle Stephanie had been waiting for…

A woman named Sonia in New Jersey had spotted the missing dog running along the beach and brought her home. Sonia noticed it was the missing Yorkie and had to call Stephanie right away.

Just wait until you see the video on the next page. You’re going to be absolutely jumping for joy and shedding tears of happiness – at least I was!